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Doug Roberts

Ever since I can remember, I have loved fishing. It all started when my grandfather took me. We would get all the tackle ready the night before, making sure the rods were clean, the line was in good condition, the hooks were sharp, and the appropriate boxes were filled with the right tackle. For me, that was just as important as going out and fishing the next day. We were able to enjoy each other's company at both points.

At around the age of 10, I started tying flies with him, and it was the same joy. Getting everything just as perfect as possible to catch fish was that much more gratifying. As I grew older, choosing the spots, prepping the gear, and making weights, jigs, lures, and flies just wasn't enough anymore. I decide to take it another step further and started building rods. The anticipation of preparing for fishing and constant pursuit of perfection brought me great excitement.

Fishing Enthusiast

Out of all the tackle, the rod is the most intimate to me. It is the one piece that becomes an extension of you and what you hold onto. I try to integrate artwork into my rods to help express the individual buying it and create a rod that will function better than any you have ever used before. The night before a fishing trip, you likely gather your rods, choose lures, plan where you will go, and chart out the day. This is often just as exciting as the actual fishing. Then, when you are there at the moment, you know you can rely on your tackle and that your rod will perform.

Whether you fish alone with a friend or family member, there is a joy that will last a lifetime and your rod will be there with you.

- Tight Lines Friends

Chuck Smith

I was born with fishing in my blood. As a child, my father was president of Southeastern Bassmaster Association, and I grew up listening to fishing tales from many of the greats. While living the majority of my life on or near water around the country, I saved mowing money and bought my first boat at age 14. Later, I joined the Air Force and married my beautiful wife. We managed six wonderful children and now have eight grandkids with two more on the way.

I have been fortunate enough to bass fish from Oregon to California, Maryland to Florida, and everywhere in between. Currently, I am fishing in the Fishers of Men National Tournament Trail and by God's grace have made it to the national finals. This could result in a birth into the Bassmaster Classic. I am also fishing the Solo Pro Tournament Series for the central United States.

Matt (Royal Slammer) Price

I didn't really start fishing till the end of 2007. I bought a new boat and joined a fishing club. Having put 4000 hours on her in 4 years and catching heaps of fish, I started a new journey. The international game fishing association have 6 different Royal slams. One for billfish ( 9 different species), tuna (8 different species), shark (9 different species ), salmon (6 species), bass ( 8 species)and trout (7 species). I decided to be first in the world with all 6. There's only about 200 people in the world with any of them, so to be first in the world was going to be a huge challenge. I had to work 2 jobs to pay for it and sacrifice a lot but 6 years later became the first to do it. I've got to fish some incredible places around the world and want to inspire others to pursue their dreams and or fishing. Douglas approached me to me a pro angler for him. We discussed a rod that would be perfect for light tackle fishing but strong enough to handle big fish on light gear. The other requirement was it had to be compact so I could carry it in my bag. That's the benefit of dealing with great custom rod makers as they will Taylor make it to your needs. Looking forward to putting it through its paces and am glad to be a part of the team.

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